Jenin: at home. The results of a month-long photography workshop taught by John Perkins, held at Jenin Freedom Theatre in Summer 2010. Participants, boys and girls aged from 14-21, were asked to take 4 pictures that expressed how they felt about home.
img_0018 img_0051 img_0022 img_0154
IMG_0018.jpg IMG_0051.jpg IMG_0022.jpg IMG_0154.jpg
_mg_9912 _mg_9930 _mg_9944 _mg_9880
_MG_9912.jpg _MG_9930.jpg _MG_9944.jpg _MG_9880.jpg
img_0114 img_0115 img_0116 img_0119
IMG_0114.jpg IMG_0115.jpg IMG_0116.jpg IMG_0119.jpg
img_0065 img_0094 img_0097 img_0202
IMG_0065.jpg IMG_0094.jpg IMG_0097.jpg IMG_0202.jpg
img_0272 img_0262 img_0269 img_0274
IMG_0272.jpg IMG_0262.jpg IMG_0269.jpg IMG_0274.jpg
img_0294 img_0303 img_0360 img_0379
IMG_0294.jpg IMG_0303.jpg IMG_0360.jpg IMG_0379.jpg
img_0509 img_0438 img_0514 img_0511
IMG_0509.jpg IMG_0438.jpg IMG_0514.jpg IMG_0511.jpg
img_0316 img_0317 img_0318 img_0320
IMG_0316.jpg IMG_0317.jpg IMG_0318.jpg IMG_0320.jpg
img_0504 img_0481 img_0492 img_0506
IMG_0504.jpg IMG_0481.jpg IMG_0492.jpg IMG_0506.jpg
img_0704 img_0718 img_0780 img_0788
IMG_0704.jpg IMG_0718.jpg IMG_0780.jpg IMG_0788.jpg
img_0917 img_0919 img_0927 img_0941
IMG_0917.jpg IMG_0919.jpg IMG_0927.jpg IMG_0941.jpg
img_0990 img_0991 img_1037 img_1008
IMG_0990.jpg IMG_0991.jpg IMG_1037.jpg IMG_1008.jpg
picture_222 picture_221 picture_223 img_0970
Picture 222.jpg Picture 221.jpg Picture 223.jpg IMG_0970.jpg

Friday, August 13, 2010